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How to Utilize Your First Week of Studying Abroad

It can be intimidating to begin your education in a foreign nation, but it doesn’t have to be. Here, we’ve put together a list of tasks to complete during your first week of on-campus study abroad. Continue reading to find out more about how to best be ready to start your new educational experience off on the right foot!

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Get ready for your courses

It’s a smart idea to spend the first few weeks of your study abroad programme getting ready for your classes to make sure your objectives are in place.

  1. Completing any unpaid fees
  2. Purchasing class materials and textbook
  3. Reviewing the curriculum descriptions

You will get a jump start on your classes by doing this, and you’ll have some breathing room in case you need additional time to buy reading materials or have any queries for your lecturer. It makes sure you’re registered completely in each of your classes, which is the most crucial thing.

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Get to Know People

The first few weeks of class are a wonderful opportunity to make friends with other learners who are in your position. You’ll be amazed by how many characteristics other classmates and you have in common, and you’ll like their company. Here are some excellent strategies for meeting new people:

  1. Join groups and clubs
  2. Team up with peers to learn together.
  3. Get a job on campus, even part-time.
  4. Participate in training events


Cozy Up Your Living Space

To truly make a residence (or sometimes even a dorm room!) a home, few extra personal details are required. Living abroad may be uncomfortable, but infusing bits of your home country and your individuality into your surroundings can help you feel much more at home. Make your residence a place where you feel pleased and at ease, with areas for studying and relaxation. Here are a few advices:

  1. Have family portraits on your desk or wall.
  2. Have one or more sources of light (especially in countries with a gloomy winter like Canada.)
  3. Set up a sentimental object from your country of origin.


Just unpack already and don’t spend more than a few days living out of your suitcase!

Discover Your Campus

Visit new locations to get to know your campus better; you could discover your ideal study spot or a welcoming campus cafĂ© for your tea breaks! It’s a good idea to access any student discounts you might have as you tour. For instance, many academic institutions provide students with a medical and dental plan (along with insurance) or a discount at specific on-campus eateries and amenities, such as gyms. Off-campus locations like super markets may also provide students incentives. If you keep these suggestions in mind, you’ll be well on your way to making the most of your first week of study abroad. It’s crucial that you also keep in mind to enjoy yourself and not to put too much stress on yourself at the end of the day. Every person’s study abroad experience is different and remarkable in and of itself.

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