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Connecting students with the world: 1000+ educational institutes worldwide. This extensive network of partnerships allows us to offer a wide range of study abroad options for students from all corners of the globe.

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Your gateway to affordable study abroad, providing comprehensive guidance, diverse options, and a focus on academic success.


Embark on your study abroad journey by signing up for our portal free of charge, with just a few quick and easy registration steps.


Complete your profile by providing essential details about your desired degree, preferred educational institution, and ideal location to personalize your search effectively.


Leverage our tailored assessment tool designed specifically for you to identify the degree that aligns best with your future career aspirations.


Individualized application guidance and tailored services await you with our Student Success Team. Benefit from one-on-one video call sessions to receive personalized support for your unique needs.


Unlock expedited offer and acceptance procedures with an elevated acceptance rate through our extensive network of esteemed partner institutes.


Count on our dedicated team for seamless post-university application support when studying abroad. We're here to guide you through the process and ensure a smooth transition to your desired academic journey.

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Why work with SchoolingWork?

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the global educational landscape and our partnerships with top institutions worldwide, we assist international students in finding their ideal program.


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Zero cost.

Simplify Your Study Abroad Journey with SchoolingWork: One-Stop Platform for All Education Guidance Services

Collaborating with top-tier educational institutions around the globe, which include

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Think Twice: Study Abroad Consultants Not Always Wise

Don't let a dream opportunity turn into a nightmare. Stay alert and cautious of fraudulent study abroad education consultants who may harm your education and finances.

Realizing your dream of studying abroad may come with a hefty price tag, but it doesn't necessarily have to drain your finances. While many study abroad education consultants may charge exorbitant fees, it's crucial to consider the expenses and advantages before making a decision. You can opt to apply through SchoolingWork, where we offer our services at no charge and do not require any application fees.

Are you entrusting your study abroad plans to education agents who may not provide accurate information on universities, programs, and application procedures? With the quality of services offered by education agents varying widely, it's crucial to ensure you're getting the right guidance. The Schoolingwork advantage offers a reliable alternative to potentially misleading agents, ensuring your study abroad dreams become a reality. Don't take risks with your future - trust Schoolingwork.

Education agents who prioritize their financial gain over the needs of their students can cause potential conflicts of interest. This may lead to students enrolling in unsuitable programs and missing out on better opportunities.

Experience a stress-free study abroad journey and save money with Schoolingwork

Have a question?

Yes, SchoolingWork is an exclusively online platform, providing its services through digital channels. SchoolingWork's online nature allows you to access our services from anywhere with an internet connection, making it convenient for students worldwide. All interactions and processes with SchoolingWork can be completed online. There is no need for any in-person meetings or visits. SchoolingWork's online services are designed to be comprehensive and convenient. However, it's important to note that certain study abroad institutes may have specific requirements or procedures that may need to be fulfilled offline. SchoolingWork will guide you through these requirements accordingly.

No, SchoolingWork does not charge any application fees. Our services are completely free for students.

Absolutely! You can apply to multiple institutes without any charges through SchoolingWork's platform.

No, SchoolingWork provides program change services at no additional cost. We ensure a seamless transition to the program that best suits your aspirations. 

No, SchoolingWork offers institute change services free of cost. We assist you in finding the right institute that aligns with your academic goals.

Yes, SchoolingWork offers guidance and assistance for pursuing further study opportunities. We can help you explore options for higher education or advanced degrees, all without any charges.

No, SchoolingWork is transparent about its services, and there are no hidden costs or fees. We are committed to providing free assistance to students in their study abroad journey.

Yes, SchoolingWork is there to support you at every step of your study abroad journey, from the initial application to program/institute changes and beyond. Our dedicated team is here to assist you throughout the process, free of charge.